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Android App Development Company in Canada |

Need an Android app development company in Canada? Our team of skilled developers can create top-notch Android apps for your business or personal use. Contact us today to get started!

Android App Development

Make Your Vision Come to Life

We use a wide variety of development approaches to create Android apps that are tailored to each individual client's needs. Whatever the intended use of the App either in games, sports, etc we employ all available technology to assure its long-term viability. In order to create high-quality Android applications, we employ a full-stack approach that includes planning, coding, testing, and maintenance.


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  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Native App Development
  • Hybrid App Development

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Why Digi Knights Inc.

Development-Software Development for Android

When it comes to creating Android apps, we are among the best companies available. Our team of developers is well-equipped to see your project through from inception to completion and deployment.

Testing-Inspecting and Evaluating Android Programs

Obtain a top-notch Android app that has undergone thorough testing and is free of bugs. Each app undergoes manual and/or automated testing to ensure it meets all requirements.

UI/UX-Visual Layouts for Android Apps

Our proficiency extends well beyond the introduction of novel ideas and cutting-edge technology in order to deliver impressive new possibilities. We place great focus on aesthetics, providing user-centered UI/UX design and programming that takes advantage of Android’s features.

Games Development: Building Games for Android

Creating visually stunning mobile gaming applications is a breeze on Android. Our Dev team consists of experts who know how to make the most of mobile platforms and create top-notch gaming programs.

Commercial-Constructing Android Apps for Businesses

When it comes to providing commercial services, Android mobile applications are the way to go. We’ll work with you to develop a B2B, B2C, or B2E app that’s tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Add-on Services Like Moves and Porting

Customers who want to switch to Android can take advantage of this service, as can those who need to upgrade their apps to the newest version of Android OS.

Integrating a Unique API

Our bespoke API integration service facilitates the consolidation of numerous services into a single, cohesive API that improves Android app performance. Third-party programs and websites can benefit from this method of linking.

Payment Gateway-Linking to a Payment Processor

Integrating a payment system into an Android app is a breeze. Any successful enterprise must incorporate a payment gateway. Using specialized software development kits further streamlines the process.

Maintenance-Upkeep of Android Applications

Our unique approach to support and maintenance allows us to keep the apps running smoothly. We do it all, from adding new features and bug fixes to enhancing the operation of current apps. We offer comprehensive service for all of your Android app needs as well.

Advantages: The Upsides of Creating an Android App

  • It is feasible to have a high ROI while incurring comparatively low costs.
  • Third-party apps can be easily integrated.
  • It facilitates the creation of more secure apps.

We work on Android app development for organizations of all sizes and specializations. In a short amount of time, with the help of our skilled developers, your idea will become a fully-fledged mobile application, complete with a great user interface built with UI/UX design features and expanded functionality.

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Our services are laid out in such a way that delightfully addresses each stage of the customer journey.

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