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Ios App Development Company in Canada |

Looking for an iOS app development company in Canada? Look no further! Our crew of skilled developers can create personalized iOS apps tailored to your particular wishes and requirements.

IOS App Development

API-Integration of Customized APIs

By integrating our custom API into your iOS app, we can help you remove restrictions and make it compatible with many more devices. APIs from major companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and many more are just a few examples.

  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Native App Development
  • Hybrid App Development

Technology choices for IOS app development





Android Studio




Why Digi Knights Inc.

Development-App Creation for the iPhone

When it comes to creating Android apps, we are among the best companies available. Our team of developers is well-equipped to see your project through from inception to completion and deployment.

Crafting: Creating iOS Applications using a Hybrid Approach

Our clients who want to invest in a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS will find that Hybrid iPhone app development is the best option. Native and web-based technologies are employed.

Consultation: Need Help With Your iPhone Apps From Experts?

Since we have extensive knowledge in this area, clients can benefit from our consultancy service. We have extensive experience with multiple app development methodologies and offer a full range of app development services.

Extensions: Innovative iPhone Add-Ons

With our iPhone extension development service, we can help you meet the need for your iPhone app to run on multiple platforms. This improves your already-existing app by allowing it to communicate with other apps and the operating system. Like Moves and Porting,  Businesses can benefit from our iPhone app porting services by quickly and easily adapt their apps for use on other mobile platforms, such as Android. This is useful because Android is used by the majority of smartphones.

Payment Gateway-Linking to a Payment Processor

When you work with the Payment Gateway Integration team, you can quickly and safely begin accepting payments through your iOS app. You just need to decide on a reliable payment processor and leave the rest to our programmers.

Testing of iOS Applications

Our rigorous testing procedures guarantee a stable, error-free, and secure iOS application. Common iOS testing methods include automated and manual testing.

Maintenance of an iPhone application

Our approach to servicing iOS applications is highly refined. The staff of iPhone developers is highly skilled and can quickly bring your app to life. The process involves upgrading and enhancing pre-existing features as well as adding new ones.

Advantages: The Upsides of Making an iPhone App

IOS apps are more secure, can stop identity theft, and protect your data.

  • Access to a screened global audience.
  • Provides numerous services to its customers and makes sure they get their money’s worth.
  • Creating an app for the iPhone on the iOS platform paves the way for developing apps for other Apple devices.

We do not limit ourselves to just native app development but also offer hybrid app development services.

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Our services are laid out in such a way that delightfully addresses each stage of the customer journey.

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